• sdzoo:

    Throwing it back to last summer when this baby pygmy loris melted hearts.

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  • My awesome big Greta and I. We were meant to be. 💕#adx

  • biomorphosis:

    Aye-aye is one of the strangest looking primates. They can only be found in the north-eastern parts of Madagascar. They are nocturnal and usually at the altitude above 700 meters of rain forest trees.

    It has specifically designed middle finger which is used for extraction of food from trunks, braches and hard shells. Aye-aye taps a branch with its finger and listens if there is any sound of moving insects or larvae inside. If the movement is detected, aye-aye will make a hole with sharp teeth and use its middle digit to scoop the prey.

    The ancient legends of Malagasy considered it the symbol of death due to its scary looks and eerie call. They believe that if the long pointed finger is pointed to any person, death befalls him/her. This leads people to kill aye-ayes on sight. Aye-aye is listed as nearly threatened species with 1000 left on the wild  and it is currently under protection.

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  • zubat:


    Tiny Frog - Amazon Rainforest, Peru

    This frog has absolutely no business being this tiny.

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  • Fear of being hurt again

    It is not the fear of commitment

    it is not the fear of trusting someone new

    it is the fear of being hurt

    hurt again like the ones that came before

    we trust enough to be committed

    but not enough to have full trust

    even though they deserve all trust

    you can not find yourself trusting them completely

    because the more trust you put it in

    the more hurt you are going to be

    they give you all reason to trust

    but one little thing can take that all away

    just because the fear of being hurt again

    your mind and heart tell you to back away

    to protect yourself to keep from hurting

    but you know it is unfair to them

    so you get flustered

    and your mind and heart are hurting

    not because they hurt you 

    but from the fear of being hurt again

    so you wonder

    do i talk to them

    do i ask them

    but you don’t because of

    the fear of being hurt again

    By Leah Kathryn

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  • libutron:

    Red-mouthed Conch - Conomurex luhuanus

    Also known as Strawberry Conch, and Blood-mouthed Conch, Conomurex luhuanus (Littorinimorpha - Strombidae), was formerly named Strombus luhuanus. It is a sea snail with robust shells up to 80 mm found in the Indo Pacific waters. Most specimens have an orange-red aperture, hence the common name. A few, however have apertures either yellow or pure white.

    References: [1] - [2] - [3] - [4]

    Photo credit: ©John Turnbull | Locality: Lord Howe Island, Tasman Sea (2014) | [Top] - [Bottom]

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  • sdzoo:

    Happy Fennec Friday! Thanks to Ion Moe for these adorable photos of our fennec fox kit.

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  • Great blue heron on top of my roof

  • montereybayaquarium:

    Fluorescent fireworks or otherworldly hovercraft? Flower hat jellies defy definition. This nocturnal species drifts in the dark and attaches to the seafloor as the sun shines. Their dazzling bells attract curious fish, while curly tentacles ensnare prey. Thanks to Instagrammer @sandman617 for this vivid video!

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  • This does not make sense

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  • unexplained-events:

    Strange Marine Creature

    This strange creature was filmed underwater by drillers in the deep ocean. It is called Deepstaria enigmatica. It looks like an underwater dementor.


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  • A wonderful night before working 20+ hours in two day.